About Us

Welcome to our PS3SuperSlimJailbreak.com – here you’ll realize careful info regarding the event team acting on this on-going project, the work that has gone into our latest firmware updates, a way to jailbreak PS3 consoles and conjointly an inventory of all the newest options that square measure out there for you to use. Firstly, I’d prefer to say a colossal many thanks to the full PS3 jailbreak development team for his or her labor and dedication over the past 2 years – without them this project wouldn’t be here nowadays. we tend to square measure currently at a degree wherever we tend to square measure assured in asserting ourselves because the premier PS3 Jailbreak team within the world and pride ourselves on providing users with a seamless expertise. We tend to currently provide the foremost comprehensive PS3 CFW around and square measure doubtless the foremost consummate developers within the business. With that being said, we are also very keen to search for new developers to join us, so if you or anybody that you know are interested in helping us out then please do get into contact with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Addition Information:

Thank you for visit our website and downloading our PS3 jailbreak software. If you would like to learn how to perform an PS3 jailbreak then please keep to read this page or an opportunity option could be to open the readme document contained inside the download folder. A short word on the builders here at PS3SuperSlimJailbreak.com – we for my part believe that our trendy PS3 jailbreak is the best, clean to person and purposeful software program this is presently available everywhere inside the world. We have spent over two years researching, testing and improving our software and now we’re at a really strong variation that we are glad to release for public. As it stands there are definitely no risks associated with the installation of our custom firmware and so users can feel safe in understanding that if there are ever any functionality problems, they can revert to the PS3 original firmware very quickly in no time.