Q: What is PS3 Jailbreak?
A: PS3 Jailbreak will help you to play pirate games either internal or external HDD and you can also download any PS3 game from any websites where PS3 games are available to download through torrent or other.

Q: Is it worth jailbreak PS3?

A: It is legal to jailbreak PS3, you could mount a video game supervisor if you want running video game back-ups from either internal or external HDD. Exactly how you obtain those back-ups is completely approximately you. Most individuals mount personalized firmware to run applications that are not enabled to work on PS3, like media gamers, video game emulators, video game energies, devices or supervisors and so on as well as some to run Linux OS via “Various other OS” attribute that was handicapped later in the manufacturing.

Q: How do you jailbreak on PS3 Super Slim Console?

A: If the PS3 firmware version is 4.81 or below, you could conveniently mount a custom firmware that would certainly consist of all the details that the initial one includes yet without the electronic finalizing check, when you mount this custom firmware, your PS3 would certainly be jailbroken and also you can do whatever you intend to finish with it.

Q: Can I jailbreak with OFW version?

A: Yes, you can jailbreak with any OFW version but our recommended version is to do 4.50 version above in order to perform as well. Although, every OFW can be installed smoothly there is some PS3 Super Slim console that requires our recommended version without interruption during installation.

Q: I have installed multiMAN but the game does not work seems black screen?

A: Well, for newbie does not know as well. This could be a problem inside your game file corrupted either internal or external HDD. However, for this solution just simply remove a game from utility and then install it again. Hope it works.

Q: My PS3 says “No Data Found”, what should I do?

A: Probably you did not format with FAT32. However, PS3 is only able to read FAT32 format system. So, you need to format FAT32 system in order to perform as well.

Q: Can I able to play the online game with my friends?

A: Of course yes, you can play the online/multiplayer game with your friends. With our jailbreak, we have developed the security system known as PSNPATCH package file that will auto patch on your console to avoid getting banned. We guarantee you are fully safe to play through PSN.

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